Thursday, July 16, 2009

what a day

Current Location: Alamosa, Colorado
Total Distance Traveled: 2584 miles

So we had probably one of the best days of our whole trip today. We were a little nervous to see what the climb up the mountain would be like. We didn't know if we could handle it. Well we could. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't as hard as we were expecting. We climbed about 3000 feet over 30 miles and once we reached the top we celebrated. We took some pictures and then started our trip down the other side into the San Luis Valley. This was the most beautiful sight i've seen. The valley is about 7500 to 800o feet high and it is surrounded by mountains on either side. I just looked it up and apparently it's the highest valley in the world. It's so amazing to just be in the middle of this paradise. Once we got over to the other side we would cruise through the valley at around 25 mph because it was always slightly downhill from the La Veta pass to Alamosa.

We realized that we want to go even higher and luckily we saw that right before we reach New Mexico we'll hit an elevation of about 10,300 feet. That should be pretty epic.

at La Veta Pass

A funny thing that happened today is we went to get some lunch at this diner and we were sitting in one end of the diner. People started coming in and they looked at us and just went to the complete opposite end. Eventually we realized we stink. This was confirmed when a group of 7 people came and sat next to us. Then after 2 minutes they got up and went and sat at the other end of the restaurant. We were laughing pretty hard at this.

We're about to go squat in some woods. Should be an adventure.

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