Tuesday, July 21, 2009

so I jumped the gun - one last night in New Mexico

So we left Bloomfield, New Mexico yesterday and went to the post office where I picked up a new license, some cookies, sunglasses, and some mail. Thanks to everyone that sent me stuff. It's nice to have an ID again. We headed to Farmington, NM where we had an interview with the paper and afterwards we hung around town for a bit. We pull out for 4 corners, but after about 30 miles we get hit by the CRAZIEST wind storm known to man. The winds were gusting to 45 mph and going right into our path. This was really bad because it's so sandy out here, so all the sand was flying into our faces and down our throats. I was hocking loogies that were filled with dirt!!!!! So we stop at this outdoor carwash to get out of the wind.

I find out that the wind will be going on until midnight so we decide to just stay here and then do a 120 miles today. We ended up asking the house across the street if we could camp in his yard and the guy says sure no problem. He was a hay farmer and we ended up sleeping next to these hay piles that were 20 feet high. Well it gets us out of the wind, but thats when I realize that i'm allergic to tons of hay. It was rough!! I was sneezing all night. Apparently these wind storms are very common after 5 pm. So we're going to try to do all our riding in the mornings now.

So now i'm about 20 miles from the 4 corners and we're inside the Navajo Nation. We're excited to get to a new state. I'll probably update this later today once we're in Kayenta, Arizona for the night.

oh you can read the article at this link: http://www.elpasotimes.com/newmexico/ci_12880416

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  1. My entire family still lives in Kirtland, NM which is the next town west of Farmington. Too bad I didn't read your blog until after your interview was printed in the Farmington Daily Times. My family would have gladly hosted you for an overnight on their farm. Good luck on your continued ride, I'm preparing for a two-week biking adventure down the Oregon coast beginning the first of August. Take care & enjoy the Navajo Reservation! Yaa teeh! :-) means hello in Navajo.