Monday, July 13, 2009

Mountain Time

Current Location: Lamar, Colorado
Total Distance Traveled: 2355 miles

So we crossed the border into Colorado last night. We were thrilled to be in a new state, we've been in Kansas for over 400 miles and it's a nice change. As soon as we got to the border we saw that the Colorado sign was huge and we climbed about 8 feet off the ground to stand next to it. We get to the first town inside Colorado, when powerful crosswinds start blowing. We stop at a gas station and find out there is a tornado warning for the area. We figure this a good time to stop and we hang out and wait for the storm to blow over. We also realized that we're now in a new time zone. So we're now two hours earlier than the east coast.

We find a nice park to sleep out, and I was able to put up my hammock. I slept like a baby because it was the first night the temperature got down into the sixties. It's been so hot lately during the day and night.

This morning we headed off towards La Junta, Colorado where we have a place all set up to stay through a church there. The pastor set us up with a family in her church. We stopped in Lamar today because we had an interview with the Lamar Ledger, the local newspaper, and now I'm writing all this while I'm eating McDonald's.

We are going to start climbing some serious mountains today. We started the day at 3100 feet and by the end of the day should hit 7800 feet. It'll be a nice change of scenery.

Something really amazing happened when I got to McDonald's. I was just getting my computer out of my bag when a man started talking to me about the trip. He then said he had NF and I heard his story about being diagnosed when he was a young kid. He said his son had it as well, but they both were surviving with no major problems. He was so thankful for what we were doing. If you read this sir, it was a pleasure talking to you.

More to report when we get to La Junta

2322 miles = Colorado border

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