Friday, July 10, 2009


Current Location: Larned, Kansas
distance Traveled to date: approximately 2140 miles

Kansas has been quite good to us. We met up with Emily Moffitt in the small town of Mcpherson, Kansas yesterday. She's the girl that organized a place to stay for Wyatt and I 3 nights in a row. Tonight will actually be are first night in Kansas where we have to fend for ourselves. Well Emily like her friends treated her right. She even opened the car door for us, which made us feel quite special. She organized her local paper to do an interview on our trip and apparently we're on the front page of today's issue. At her house, which is a farm, I met the family who taught me pretty much all I need to know about farming on a 1,000 acres. I know all about the harvest and what type of irrigation system is needed for what terrain. I'm ready to be a farmer. Wyatt was overjoyed that there was a 4 wheeler there and he played on that for a while.

After we left Mcpherson this morning, we started our trek to Larned. It's completely flat out there and hot. It's been hitting the high 90s everyday for the past week. We're eating lunch when I decide to just start contacting newspapers on the route for today. I call 5 up and it worked out really well. We had one guy do a little story and take some pictures of us when we got to Larned and we're meeting up with a guy tomorrow in another town. So we're pretty much just trying to find every newspaper along our route now.

We have a sweet camping spot tonight in a nice park. I'm sleeping in my hammock since this park contains the only trees for at least 50 miles. It's definitely a nice feeling to be way past half way now. The end of the trip is definitely in sight.

2000 mile mark. some point in Kansas

stickers of states we've biked through

If anyone is wondering why i wear the same Carolina t shirt in every picture it's because it is the only shirt i brought. I'll actually provide a list of all the things we brought with us to survive on this journey in the next posting. It'll be a short list.

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