Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Current Location: Mt. Pulaski, Illinois
Distance traveled today: 78 miles
Total Distance Traveled: 1454 miles

Cool fact: Abe Lincoln practiced law in Mt. Pulaski before he became president.

Yesterday was our rest day and we spent the entire day at this restaurant in Paxton, Illinois. We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner there. It was total relaxation. We mingled with the locals all day and ended up meeting this nice guy that let us stay with his family. His son races cars and he took me to their shop where I saw 4 race cars. I got into one that was 750 horsepower and when you revved the engine it was a pretty crazy adrenaline rush. Probably the loudest thing i have ever heard.

We got up earlier than usual today and rode 78 miles to Mt. Pulaski very quickly. It was 71 degrees outside today so it was perfect for riding and we had one of our best averages ever since the wind was very faint. Way back in April I emailed a church in this town and they offered us a place to stay. At the time I thought it would be a small room, but it turns out we're in a massive room and have the whole church building to ourselves. There's enough room in here to run laps and apparently they have concerts and put on plays here. It's really awesome. We've been running around enjoying ourselves and made a huge spaghetti dinner in the kitchen. We are about to perform a play on the stage. over and out.

Our home for the night

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