Thursday, July 16, 2009

climbing the peaks

Current Location: Walsenburg, Colorado
Distance Traveled so far: 2508 miles

We arrived in Walsenburg last night around 10:30 pm and immediately tried to find some food. Yesterday was the first day where we went from our starting point to our ending point with absolutely no towns in between. Luckily we carried about 10 bottles of water and enough food so it wasn't a big deal. That's going to be more common as the days go on. The scary part of the ride was that we had two storms about 20 miles away on both sides of us. All we could do is keep going and hope they didn't start coming at us. It was a little scary to see lightning strike on either side of you. The awesome part was that we some sweet rainbows and it cleared up just in time to see a beautiful colorado sunset.

Once we arrived in Walsenburg we tried to ask the locals for a place to camp and they send us to their baseball fields. We think that would work out just fine. We get there and are just about to set up the hammock and tent when three cops come by and flash their lights at us. Apparently camping is not allowed. So he tells us to go to a state park 4 miles down the road. I was skeptical because I've never heard of a park letting you in this late. Usually they close around 10 at the latest.

So we head off towards the park and they must have been scared we weren't going to head that way because after about 2 miles the same cop passes by us and then as soon as he sees us turns around. I guess we looked DANGEROUS on our bikes. We get there and guess what the park was closed!! It had a gate up blocking any cars from getting in, but the thing is we are not cars, we ride bikes. So we just bike on in around the gate and find a nice spot in some bushes. We made sure that we were completely hidden from the outside world.

We fall asleep instantly. This morning I woke up to beauty. We had biked the last 20 miles yesterday at night so we had just seen the mountains from afar and rode into them at night. So when I woke up it was so amazing to be inside them. I was not expecting it!!

This morning, we met up with the local reporter and had an interview. It will be our seventh newspaper we've been in. All of the reporters we met with made sure they got our address and will mail back some copies to our houses. Now its time to get to business.

Today is the day we climb to historic heights. We will be going uphill all the way to Alamosa, Colorado. We will go through the Lavita pass which hits 9400 feet. Depending on how our bodies hold up we might alter the route slightly. It adds 9 miles to the overall total, but we would then go through some other passes. One of which would hit 11,000 feet. I can only imagine how that would feel on our bodies and how pretty it would be up there.

We're now on the homestretch we crossed 2500 miles last night and have less than a 1000 to go. We can hardly believe that we'll be done in 2 and a half weeks.

2508 miles

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