Saturday, July 11, 2009

supplies for the trip

So we're just hanging out in a town called Jetmore, Kansas where we had an interview with the local paper here. We'll be in it in a few days. We're about halfway done for the day so we have about 45 more miles to our final destination for the night which will be garden city, Kansas.

This trip has shown me that I really don't need that much stuff to survive. Once I got used to the fact that I wouldn't shower too often it's been easy going. It turns out that girls still are interested in us even if we smell!!

So on the back of my bike I have two blue bags that are on my rack on the back of my bike and one bag that attaches to my handlebars and in them I carry:

  1. one Carolina t shirt
  2. one pair of shorts
  3. two pairs of bike shorts
  4. two bike jerseys
  5. one sweatshirt
  6. one rainjacket
  7. one fleece
  8. one pair of flip flops
  9. one pair of bike shoes
no socks or underwear!

  1. laptop
  2. 3 ipods
  3. blackberry
  4. batteries
  5. various chargers that all charge into my computer
  6. digitial camera
  7. video camera
  1. toothbrush
  2. toothpaste
  3. deoderant
other stuff
  1. sleeping bag
  2. hammock
  3. bug net that covers head
  4. hammock straps
  5. 7 water bottles
  6. helmet
  7. 3 pairs of sunglasses
  8. notebook
  9. flashlight
  10. bike lights for riding at night
  11. bike pump
That's about it. Wyatt has roughly the same stuff, but he carries the tent while I carry the bike pump. All in all it's about 30 to 35 pounds of added weight.

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