Monday, July 20, 2009

pulling out of new mexico

Current Location: Bloomfield, New Mexico
Total Distance Traveled: 2786 miles

I'm currently lying in a church. I gave Pastor Jennings a call yesterday morning and he was nice enough to let Wyatt and I stay on a pull out couch in one of the rooms. As soon as we got to town him and his wife Cindy took us out to dinner. They were extremely nice to us. Not only that, this church had a shower!! Our first showers in a little less than a week. I feel like a new man. We're back to our old pace. We went about 95 miles yesterday and went through some beautiful canyons. The roads we biked on were the ones people get scared to drive on. There are no guard rails and right next to the road there are 100-200 foot drops straight down. It was an intense rush to ride through. We've been in Indian Reservations the last day and will be heading into the Navajo nation today.

Before we set out today I have so many packages awaiting me at the post office. I told everyone who wanted to send me stuff to send it here. One of the packages is my new license and the only problem I foresee is that I don't have any photo ID. I just have a print out version of my license. Hopefully they'll understand my dilemma and give me my stuff. I'm especially looking forward to eating Tracy's cookies!!

We're heading west into Arizona and will hit the 4 corners of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. I'm thinking of all the clever poses I can do so that I have a part of my body in each state. Apparently where we are going to end up today...Teec Nos desolate. So we're going to have to bring double the water, in case we don't see a place to pick up more water until the next day.

The other day, we stopped at a restaurant in Chama, New Mexico called Fosters. We're all excited to eat since its the first town we've seen in 7o miles. We get our computers out because they have wireless and we're hanging out. We eat TWO main courses each and after an hour we're told that we need to leave. What a horrible place, we bought more food than any other customer and probably would have ate a 3rd meal and they kick us out because we've been their too long. If you're ever in this area, do not go to this place.

Arizona = 13th out of 14th state!! the end is near

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