Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry potter and day off

Current Location: La Junta, Colorado
Total distance traveled: 2433 miles

So I was wrong about the elevation. La Junta is only at 4500 feet. TODAY when we ride off to Walsenberg, Colorado we'll start our climb. We'll hit 7500 feet. Then the next day we're going to cross a pass that reaches 9400 feet. We're very excited to get to these heights and see if our body is able to survive.

We had a wonderful 2 days hanging out with Jerry and Meredith in La Junta. They were the perfect hosts. They fed us and took us around town. we met Meredith's father who even made us some homemade energy bars. I probably showered 8 times in 2 days. I was so excited just to be in a house. Wyatt and I were in the local newspaper here and it comes out today. They had a little teaser about us yesterday on the front cover as well.

6th newspaper we've been in

We spent the day at the pool which had the nicest waterslide. It was really nice to relax and just take it easy. The highlight definitely was seeing Harry Potter at midnight. I'm a huge harry potter fan and was very excited to finally see the movie. It's sad to leave our new home, but we've realized that we can't get too attached to one area ever.

Thank you Jerry and Meredith for the hospitality and we'll see you soon!!

We're off to our next town. We have an interview with the paper there as well which will be our 7th paper so far.

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  1. Awesome blog Stephen. It's nice to see the updates. Spent time with your mom and Susan last weekend. I think they're well. They're hilarious together!