Sunday, July 12, 2009

Garden City madness

Current Location: Garden City, Kansas
Distance traveled: approximately 2300 miles

So we arrived in Garden City at about 8:30 PM and this was by far our best ride of the trip. We made 105 miles in 5 and a half hours. For the first time this trip we had tailwinds that made us fly. At one point we were cruising at 30 mph and even got up to 35 mph all on flat ground. We get there and the two places we're told we can camp out at turn out to be inadequate. This is a city and we've heard stories that you shouldn't be in the southwestern part. Well it's getting late and the 2nd park we checked out is in the southwestern part. All of a sudden we see a family of 8 people sitting out front of their house and we ask if we can camp out in their backyard. they say that we can and even pull out some mattresses for us to put our tent on so that we can have a comfortable sleep. We don't think anything about this being a bad part of town and eventually just fall asleep. This morning we get up go to McDonalds and get to talking with some of the locals. They asked us what we did last night and we told them we camped out over on 4th street by the zoo. they were beyond shocked. they told us that the gangs in the area live over there and they dont even head to that part of town. We were pretty shocked, but we really didn't feel threatened at all. Maybe we were just lucky.

fooling around in kansas

We're about to head off in a bit and we'll ride into Colorado today, which will be a nice change. We're ready to see some sweet mountains and do some climbing. This flat ground is getting to us. We go a whole day and the scenery is the exact same thing. It makes you think you havent gone anywhere.

I have to admit Kansas has been good to us though. We've been in three newspapers here and had a legitimate place to sleep every night.

we're starting to get a little sad that the trip is going to end soon. We're starting to contemplate whether we should just keep going and go around the world. We figure at our current pace we can make it in 8 months......

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