Monday, June 29, 2009

Wind from hell

Current Location: Lafayette, Indiana (where Purdue is)
Distance Traveled Yesterday: 89 Miles
Total distance to date: 1306 miles

I was wrong about the wind. I thought the day before yesterday the wind was not a big deal, but man yesterday it was gusting at 30 mph right into our faces. It's all farms out here and barely any trees to block any of the wind so it hits us with full force. It really impacted our time and instead of averaging around 15 mph we only averaged 12 mph. In spite of that we made it, and we're over 1/3 of the way!

We stopped at McDonald's with about 40 miles to go for lunch and in there this man named Kevin starts talking to us about our bikes. He's from about 20 miles from Lafayette, so we ask if he knows anyone in the area to let us camp out. He calls a few people with no luck and right before we leave he says hold on, "my friends son has a house very close to Purdue." So he gives him a call and it turns out the son (Anthony) won't be there for the night, but since Kevin thought we were nice people he uses his good name with Anthony and gets him to allow Wyatt and I to stay there by ourselves. We were overjoyed!!

Kevin met up with us at the house in Lafayette later and then treats us to this place called Steak n Shake, where I had the best burger in a long time. He then gave us the grand tour of Lafayette and Purdue and dropped us off. Kevin probably is one of the nicest guys i've ever met and don't worry we didn't sully your good name. Thank you Kevin! Whenever you feel like heading south with your sons you're welcome to stay.

We're about to leave this 3 bedroom house in a few minutes and pull out of Indiana and head into Illinois, which will be our 8th state out of 14.

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