Saturday, June 20, 2009

the rain never ends

So we've biked 10 days and gone approximately 700 miles. Of those 10 days it has rained 8 of them and i'm talking about rain that lasts all day not the kind in North Carolina where it storms for 3o minutes and gets sunny again. Apparently it's supposed to finally get sunny tomorrow afternoon for good. I hope it does. We have deviated from our route slightly since 2 days ago we had 5 flat tires between the two of us and ended up not making it as far as we had to. To fix that over the next few days we'll have to add a few extra miles to each day, which isn't a problem. Yesterday we had our longest bike ride, where we went 84 miles. We also went over these hills known as the Pompey Hills which apparently are harder than the rocky mountains. Traveling over these hills was very difficult, but a lot of fun. You'd go uphill for a mile and a half then go downhill for a mile and a half. We reached speeds of over 43 mph, which was intense.

When we got into town last night I went into a dollar general and asked if there was anywhere we could camp for the night. I made sure to ask in front of the line with the most people. I then asked if there was any place that we could possibly camp in a yard. This woman named Kate stepped up and said we could camp out in her yard. What a nice woman!!! She told us about the fair that was going on and we ended up seeing some fireworks. Our main concern right now is to get out of this rain!!! At one point today we stopped at a Bass Pro Shop and went to the sleeping bag section and got inside them to get warm. We were very inconspicuous and people had no idea we were in there.

It was so warm!!!

Well panera bread is closing so we're heading out to our next campsite. We met some people at Starbucks and they're letting us camp out in their yard. I think the most surprising thing I've learned on this trip is how generous people are.

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