Friday, June 12, 2009

150 miles in 2 cookies

I'm writing right now from a subway thats about to close. I just ate two foot long subs and since the three of us are using their wireless and they're about to close they gave us 10 free cookies! Talk about luxury.

The past two days have been pretty intense biking days. We've gone 150 miles and most of it had been in the rain. Today we saw the sun for the first time since we left North Carolina and it was glorious. Finally it was warm. It got up to 80 degress today and we were able to see the real Maine.

The best thing about yesterday when we got to Liberty, Maine was the place that Brandon found for us to sleep. It was in this park right on a huge lake and we just set up our hammocks and slept like babies next to the water after we ate 2 pounds of spaghetti. It was our own personal lakefront property.

Today Wyatt and I both got our bikes up to 39 mph which are personal bests for the trip. we actually were going faster than traffic since it was in 35 mph. The best part of the ride today was at mile 60 we went through this town that had our first shower in 4 days. We saw a fountain that was shooting water and we proceeded to play in the fountain. IT felt so gooood. We did scare some people who were probably not used to people bathing and playing in the fountain in their bike shorts.

Right now we're about to pull out and stay with this nice family that we met at the end of our bike ride. They saw us struggling up a huge a hill and so we asked them where Poland was and they said that we were in it. Then we asked if there was anywhere we could camp out and they said anywhere really. So we asked if we can camp out in their backyard and they said sure thing. Such great hospitality.

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