Thursday, June 18, 2009

the glove capitol of the world

We were supposed to take a day off after we got to Vermont, but Ted the guy we were staying with in gloversville, NY said that if we biked on our day off to his place we could stay two nights. We loved this idea. We biked 83 miles and crossed from Vermont into New York. We're still looking for a new york sticker to put on our bike. We have a Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont sticker and we're trying to get every state we go through.

New York

We get to Gloversville, the town that used to make gloves for the United States and immediately are greeted with Ted's amazing hospitality. He cooked us a Thanksgiving dinner complete with a whole turkey, stuffing, and potatoes. It was so tasty and by far the best meal we've had on the trip. He even gave up his bedroom and let us sleep in there. What a nice guy.

The next day (yesterday) was our rest day Brandon and I went to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. It was awesome, the first 15 years of my life were consumed by baseball and it was great to see all the old players and history of the game. That night Ted again made us dinner, his famous chicken wings and homemade french fries. For dessert he made Brownies with ice cream. This guy was a champion!
Hanging out with Babe Ruth at the Baseball Hall of Fame

We give Ted a five star rating due to: the amazing food, the great company, the great sleeping arrangements, and jaccuzi. I highly reccommend it.

We're about to pull out for Oneida, NY. we have a 84 mile bike ride ahead of us. It's raining outside, but thats how its been 5 of the 7 days we've ridden so we're getting used to it.


  1. Ted's!? Excellent..

    Let me know about that fair or whatever it is.. aha. Keep posting!

    ps. im about to take the cannonade out to arizona or someplace cool to meet you guys. ill let you know

  2. 5 starr rating ROTFLMAO these guys are waaaaaay to generous after all I burnt half the toast ... but it was toasted on an antique toaster LOL.
    These guys were AWESOME to say the least, I'd have them back any time.