Wednesday, June 24, 2009

stories of ohio

Westlake, Ohio - 92 miles ridden today
980 total miles ridden.
Passed through Pensylvania and now we're in Ohio

I'm writing as i'm laying down in a bed for only the third time in 2 weeks and let me tell you it feels really good. I have to thank John and chris for providing us lodging and cooking us a fabulous meal. We all played some Wii. They've made us feel right at home today/tonight. The riding has started to get a lot easier since the ground is so much flatter. I think it will stay flat until we hit the rocky mountains. We're really excited about breaking a thousand miles tomorrow. These next few stories are about the generousity of people that we met in ohio.

1. So we ride across the border and stop at a town called Conneaut, Ohio. We decided that we'll go ot the midnight showing of Transformers because we haven't really had any entertainment. We walk up to buy our tickets around 9:30 pm and we get to talking with the people that work there and one of the guys happens to be a biker. He goes on to offer us a place to camp in his yard for the night. We're very thankful. Just so you know I fell asleep during the movie. Riding lots of miles and staying up really late doesn't work out to well for me.

2. We're riding today and stop at Arbys because they had a sign out front that said get a free sandwich if you pay for a small drink. So we stop since we're ALWAYS hungry. We order and this couple asks Wyatt and I if we were in Pennsylvania the other day. We said yes and they said we saw you two riding your bikes the other day. They ended up giving us some money for food after we told them what we were riding for and wanted to take our picture to show their grandkids.

So that happens and then we talk to two other women in Arbys and they both also gave us money and said to buy food. We were very thankful to these people. If they read this. THANKS AGAIN!

3. We're about 35 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio and we stop at a gas station to find out if there is a way that we can bike around Cleveland without going through tons of traffic. This guy starts talking to me and says he used to bike with olympians back in the 7os and he starts telling me the route we should take to get past cleveland. so we follow his advice and we're about 5 miles into his route when a car pulls up right behind me and honks. At first I thought it was an angry driver, but it turned out to be the same guy. He had gone home printed out step by step directions on his computer, then drove and caught up to us and gave us these directions. We got through Cleveland just fine thanks to him!

I'm sure some people are wondering how we talk to all these strangers. Well these things usually happen when we have our bike outfits on. People ask about what we're doing and then things go from there.

Looking forward to sleeping in a nice bed tonight!


  1. Hey Steve, Wyatt and Brandon!
    Congrats on breaking the century mark and pushing 1000 miles! Sure is good to hear folks (and sleepig bags) are treating you well. From here on, it'll be flat(ish) until you hit the mountains.

  2. This is a fun read .... and I particularly like your comments about learning Chinese (I invest in the BRIC countries) and also your fundraising success. You guys rock (n yellow!)
    Bob Skold Jr.