Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3 days 2 new states

So it's been hard to update this thing because it's fairly hard to get wifi in these smalls towns. A lot has happened in the 3 days since i've written. We're finally out of Maine and traveled through New Hampshire and into Vermont. Today we'll be heading into New York. One thing Wyatt and I are doing is putting stickers of each state on our bike to show where we've been.

New Hampshire was interesting while we were biking through it we thought that there must be more motorcycles here than anywhere in America, but when we get into the town we were stopping at for the night we learned that it was really New Hampshire's bike week, which is the oldest in America. We went and hung out with some bikers for a little while and took in the experience. Also, we found a really nice hotel and proceeded to do a little sneak dog technique in through the side door and ventured into their pool and hot tub. I'll tell you something that hot tub felt so amazing that we stayed in it for an hour.

Vermont has been very mountainous. Yesterday, 95 percent of our bike ride was uphill and then when we were about 5 miles away from Manchester, Vermont the road dropped thousands of feet for those last 5 miles. It was the biggest rush of our lives going down that mountain especially since it was 40 degrees and rainy at the top and as we descended the clouds opened up, the sun came out, and it got hot. It was an amazing experience.

The thing about this trip that is amazing to me is how nice people are when we tell them what we're biking for. Our last night in Maine Brandon asked a guy that owned a storage unit if we could just camp out there and when it started to rain he said we could just go inside one of his units so we werent outside. My first time sleeping in a storage unit!

storage unit campsite

In NH we were finishing up eating and we went into the bar next to the restaurant and asked some people where would be the best place to camp, when this guy (Joe) who was in his 70s said that we could sleep in his guest bedroom. we were overjoyed to have a place to stay and we took our first shower in a week.
joe and fallon
Right now i'm writing from Richard's house in Vermont. He's a person that I found on couchsurfing and he was very nice and showed us so much hospitality. We cooked in his kitchen and slept in his living room and it made our first couchsurfing adventure a good one.

We're off to our next couchsurfing stop in New York. Over and out.

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