Friday, June 26, 2009

brandons gone

Current Location: Ottawa, Ohio
Distance traveled: 1130 miles

So in the time since i've last written, quite a bit has happened. We left Westlake, Ohio and rode to Monroesville, Ohio where we passed a 1000 miles and about 5 miles before we arrived the nastiest thunderstorm hit. Luckily we were in a town and took shelter in a church before it got really bad. We waited the storm out and then made our approach to the beautiful Angie Wilhelm's casa where we had a delightful lasagna dinner and cheesecake all made by Angie. Whoever marries this girl will be a lucky man!! She can cook a scrumptious meal! We met Angie 3 years ago at the beach in North Carolina using the sunscreen technique and when I realized our bike ride took us right by her house I knew we had to reunite! So, she and her family gladly took us in. They made us feel right at home and you know what we felt like part of the family.

We left this morning and this was when Brandon left us for good. He drove back to north Carolina and now it's just Wyatt and I and all our stuff on our bikes. The true adventure begins. we have no lifeline anymore. WE MISS YOU!!! We made the ride with no problem. Except at one point this dog started chasing us. We survived! We were lucky today because this couple Gerry and Susan drove from Cincinnati and took us out to dinner and put us up in this really nice bed and breakfast. Hope you guys made the drive back safely. They were really generous to us and both them and Angie's family are welcome to come visit.

Gerri and Susan at the bed and breakfast

we have quite a long ride tomorrow and i dont know when i'll have a bed again so i'm going to take advantage and go to sleep.

Indiana tomorrow

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