Monday, June 22, 2009

century bike ride

Distance traveled on last day: 101.52 miles
Distance traveled to date: 804 miles

Reporting in from Angola, New York. We’re about 20 miles south of Buffalo right now and we’ll be out of New York today! We went 101 miles yesterday, which is a personal best for both of us. If we do about 85 today we’ll be caught up from the day that we got 4 flat tires. It shouldn’t be a problem. We got new tires for our bikes that are meant for touring instead of racing. Those 100 miles was the most intense ride we’ve had and we did it in about 7 hours. When we got to Angola which is right on Lake Erie, we set up camp on a sand dune, which was about 30 feet above the lake and went to sleep. Wyatt and Brandon slept in the tent, but I set up my hammock since was the first night there wouldn’t be rain since we started our journey. I woke up this morning facing the lake as the sun was just coming up. It was beautiful.

The campsite

We want to thank the girls from Starbucks that let us stay in their apartment the night before in Canadaigua, New York.

We’re just eating breakfast right now and then heading off into Pennsylvania.


  1. Stephen, I just nominated you for a blog award on my blog. Hopefully more people will take a look at your site and make donations to help people like Andrew. Be safe. Check it out at

  2. yeah, isnt waking up in those hammocks to a sunrise over water the greatest thing?? And with the tires- you should seriously Seriously look into Armadillo Tires. im no salesman but they are guaranteed to last through anything.. life-time warranty. call me when you get a second! i got a storryyyy