Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reporting in from Lubec, Maine

We all arrived at Lubec, Maine today around 6 pm after 24 hours of straight driving. We’re definitely happy to be out of the car and are ready to start riding tomorrow. As soon as we got here we went to the lighthouse which is the eastern most point in the United States. We felt pretty awesome knowing every single person in the country was to the west of us. We’re about to set up camp and cook some spaghetti. We’re near a beach access and since it says no camping on the beach, we figure we’re okay to camp out right before the sand. At least that’s our logic. Tomorrow is the big day. Over and out.

PS – Wyatt says that it’s extremely beautiful here and Brandon says this is a place that should be visited.

Brandon enjoying the lobster...maybe too muchgetting eaten by the lobster

wyatt needs something to lean on for moral support.

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