Sunday, June 28, 2009

Found an Ipod

Current Location: Hunting Indiana
Distance traveled yesterday: 87 miles
Distance after 16 days of riding: 1217 miles

Today we rode 87 miles to Huntington, Indiana and we made really good time in spite of all this extra weight that's on our bikes. The ground is so flat that we are averaging about 15 mph even though the wind is going against us most of the time. There was a huge traffic jam along the highway with cars backed up about 3 miles. This doesn’t bother us at all since we can just go around traffic. It turned out that a car had smashed into a house on the side of the road. As soon as we got there helicopters were landing to take people to the hospital.

Later on right before we crossed into Indiana, I suddenly saw an Ipod on the ground. I yelled, “Wyatt was that an Ipod?” We made a mad dash back to it and I picked it up. It was all scratched up, but it still worked. It’s a 120 GB one! I think what must have happened is that David (it says david IPod on it) was driving along the road in the middle of the night and suddenly saw an asteroid flying through the air. He swerved and slammed on the breaks. The ipod that was sitting on his dashboard flew out the window and landed on the road. David barely missed being hit by the asteroid by seconds and it took a while before his heart stopped pounding. An hour later he realized his Ipod was lost forever in darkness along highway 224.

David if you ever read this. We can figure out a way to get the ipod back to you.

We arrive in Huntington and the people were staying with Tim and Mary Bowman had set up a camper for us in their backyard. They made us a wonderful dinner and Wyatt and I lounged in their pool. All in all it was a great day.

the camper

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